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High school dreams come true

High School experiences are never just about one thing. At that certain age children shape their minds and acquire social traits. International experiences open a brand new world in their young minds and help development in all aspects of the personality and skills.

This past month we had the pleasure of hosting high schools from the Middle East, with an orientation towards football and basketball. Boys and girls groups were given the opportunity to travel to Athens, visit landmarks, museums, tour the city, while also practice their sport and play friendly games. Our effort to making their stay as rich and bespoke as possible, was highly appreciated as the children grew in experiences and maturity. 



With careful planning OLI and the school’s administrators, we curved out a relaxing yet full and pleasant itinerary that provided some new perspectives for the group. 



At OLI we are ready to plan your next sport event or trip and help make it as successful as possible. 

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