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To make exploring the wonderful world of sports hassle-free for groups and individuals through travelling and having fun. At OLI, we are committed to always offering high-quality services based on our years of experience, our genuine love for all kinds of sports and our deep belief in the power of doing things together.​

Our Team


Serious baller, hefty sceptic and with a splash of romance, Yannis has a very refined taste, and he is also profoundly environmentally conscious. Planning is in his blood, and there is no organizing task that is too challenging for him. He is deeply in love with Greece and knows his way around the most secret of her beauties. As a family man, there is no higher value for him than a child’s smile after a rewarding experience.


With over 10 years of experience in event planning, hospitality services, and sports trips management, Vasilis is one of the team's most valuable members. He fits as well in fancy suits when it's about a huge corporate event, as in comfort hoodies when it comes the time to stroll around on a city tour. He loves making and sharing colorful smoothies, but his soft spot is nights of deep-dive conversations.


A true sports man with the ability to plan and execute any request without even blinking... Confident and balanced, he will run through all project details and deliver the bespoke trip or event flawlessly as requested. With a wide variety of experience in the sports management industry, George leads the development of our business, and at the same time steps out of the office to also be on the field to host, operate, plan, and escort.

We are always looking for new sports challenges and good friends. So, don’t think twice! Share your thoughts with us, and let us create the best sports experience you have ever lived!


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