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We have a passion for all kinds of sports (and not just the famous ones).
That means that we know how to design perfect, customized individual or team sports experiences according to your exact preferences and level.

The OLI team is based in Athens, Greece, but travels and organizes experiences worldwide. From transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, sports and fun activities to tournaments, seminars or even special events, we know how to create 360 experiences in any destination you can dream of!

OLI is for anyone who wants to explore the powerful world of sports.
In particular, we address:
Sports teams
Schools/Universities and
Private Groups.

We always consider the time period and special circumstances of the event/trip. Our policy never allows our clients to be penalised for conditions beyond their control. On the contrary, we are committed to exploring all options and securing the journey so that you feel safe and get reimbursed in the event of a cancellation.

It is what YOU want it to be - no hidden costs, based on your budget and always agreed beforehand.

YES, you can! We are always looking for people to offer their services and experience in our travelling groups or events.

This is precisely why OLI always accompanies the groups, takes care of business beforehand and never leaves loose ends. We offer insurance, handle any crisis, and ensure no one is without proper care. So don’t worry about a thing; we have your back!

Oli helps with all phases of planning and takes the hassle and worry away from you. We always stay within budget and manage to fix any mishap. This way, you and your team members can simply enjoy the experience. In addition to planning and organizing, we stay in touch with you and advise you on future opportunities to self-finance your trips, offer new and more exciting experiences, and connect your club with an international network.

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We will meet and discuss all aspects, address your needs and make it worth your while.
Once we get all the details worked out, you'll realize how easy it is, but more importantly, what a valuable, lifelong experience it will be for you and your team members!

Haven’t managed to answer all your questions?
We are here for you!

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Feel free to reach our support team for further assistance.