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Sport Scholarship Recruitment Trips

player soccer football camp
With more and more kids looking to combine high level sports and studies, US universities have become more and more popular in demand.
The opportunity that AZ Sports Scholarships offers, is much more than a service, it is a life changing opportunity!

“This was a beautiful experience, a chance to meet a new world of opportunity and plan a bright future. It gave me motive to try harder in sports and academics in order to make my dream come true”


Kids from random sports can liaise and examine their potential of gaining a scholarship in a US college, and becoming a student-athlete in the Collegiate Championship level.
OLI has cooperated with AZ for many years now, assisting in their preparatory phases before kids reach college age. ID camps are a natural process for kids in America that want to be seen and tested for their skills, in order to make way for a future scholarship.


If you are aged 15-18yrs old, there might be a spot waiting for you to earn in a US varsity college team.

Another such opportunity was given to 12 children that travelled to Chicago in June 2022, which got a first-hand glimpse of how sports programs function in the US, what they mean to colleges, and how they are programmed and equipped.
Kids got to showcase their skills under the supervision of college coaches, visited college campuses and saw their facilities, got to interact with current student athletes, coaches, and were advised by former college athletes who have transitioned from sports to professionals in their area. At OLI we are proud to be part of this truly unique experience that by nature opens up new horizons for kids and parents, in their quest for the best possible education.

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