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We make sports events, and we love to make them as memorable as possible for the players and the fans. Hosting a sports event can be stressful and demanding, while take away all the fun from actually experiencing it when the time comes. We bid, plan, organise, and finally run the event, following all the protocols set by the organising association or committee. 

“Success is the result of solid planning, hard work, insight and persistence”

OLI together

OLI has been hosting the UEFA Futsal Competitions for the past 3 years, under the scrutinising rules and regulations that the Football governing body sets as a prerequisite. Despite the strict health  protocols and difficulties in travel and hospitality, OLI has given the local teams a chance to host effortlessly international events, with outmost success. With over 2,000 spectators, 3 international teams/per event, and a wide range of officials and delegates present. The balance of time and functionality is more than challenging. We make sure everyone is taken care of and everything runs according to schedule.


UEFA Futsal Champions League uefa flags fifa respect

UEFA Futsal Champions League, Marousi ATHENS

Open your horizons

Years back, young sports like futsal did not even dream of hosting events, in fear of the organisational hustle, and costs. Now with OLI’s services,  teams in Futsal see a great opportunity to promote their sport, create a source of income, and offer the local crowd a chance to see the sport at the international stage. Futsal stars are parading every summer in Athens, showcasing their skills and offering a unique chance for high level matches. Futsal is a rising sport with plenty of excitement as it combines high speed football, skills, accuracy, and technique.


Saviola Xavier uefa futsal champions league encamp andorra greece

Javier Saviola in Athens, UEFA Futsal Champions League 2021

UEFA Futsal Champions League
UEFA Futsal Champions League match start

Explore the city, and play

Teams visiting for major events have very strict schedules, limited free time and a purpose for their trip. There is always will though to visit sights and see the city, so we help plan quick and effortless visits to monuments, and museums in order to help delegations get the most out of their trips.

Win or lose, memories stay

Successful teams and coaches invest in team bonding and playing experience. These opportunities are rare and teams in futsal make the most out of these games and visits to European destinations.

At OLI we are ready to plan your next sport event and help make it as successful as possible. 



At OLI we are ready to plan your next sport event or trip and help make it as successful as possible. 

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