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UEFA Futsal – Champions League 2023

OLI staged another major event on behalf of UEFA and DOUKAS SAC. The event hosted in Athens Greece saw attendance of over 2,000 people, while it was broadcasted live in 4 countries. Under strict rules and regulations as set by the governing body, the UEFA Futsal Champions League 2023 – Group F was held in absolute success, marking another important milestone for Greek Futsal as the hosts Doukas qualified for the 1st  time in their history to the Main Round of the competition.


uefa futsal champions league 2023

OLI has now staged 6 UEFA Futsal Champions League competitions in Greece, dating back to 2019. As planned from the beginning, OLI made possible the staging of major futsal events in Greece, attracting attention not only locally for the sport, but also abroad as a trustworthy organiser.

OLI has attracted funding of over 300,000€  for these events, creating a business model for the Futsal community, and generating significant profit for the host teams, hence helping the sport grow.  Futsal has gained attention from sponsors, is showing regional growth and popularity, and can now brag about development of the champion teams that in 5 years have twice qualified into the main round of the competition. 


uefa futsal champions league 2023

Apart from the actual staging of major events, OLI can also contribute to the expansion and growth of sports, provide know-how about opportunities for media exposure, sponsor investment, increasing spectator attendance etc.

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