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Mountain Kick: Youth Football in Slovenia

Our recent football trip to Pohorje mountain, Slovenia with the Athens College Football Team SAKA was an extraordinary experience filled with unforgettable moments of training, competition, and perfect hospitality. From the breathtaking location to the exceptional accommodation, delicious cuisine, and friendly staff, every aspect of the trip exceeded expectations. The SAKA youth team, consisting of young players aged 13 to 16, enjoyed intensive training sessions, friendly matches in Maribor, and the warm hospitality of our partners in Slovenia.  

Upon arriving in Pohorje, Slovenia, the SAKA team embarked on an intensive training program that aimed to enhance their skills and prepare them for the upcoming season. With state-of-the-art facilities and expert coaches, the players had access to top-notch training sessions focused on technique, strategy, and fitness. The daily routine included multiple training sessions, swimming pool sessions for recovery and valuable video analysis to fine-tune their performance. The comprehensive training program ensured the players were well-prepared physically and mentally.

As part of their pre-season journey, the SAKA team had the opportunity to showcase their skills and test their abilities in two friendly matches held in Maribor. Competing against local football clubs, these matches provided valuable experience between players from different backgrounds. The young athletes displayed their talent, determination, and adaptability to different playing styles. The friendly matches not only offered a chance for competition but also promoted cultural exchange.

The hospitality provided throughout our stay in Pohorje was flawless. Our partners ensured that the accommodation surpassed expectations, offering comfortable and well-equipped facilities that met the needs of the players and our team. The friendly and attentive staff created a welcoming environment, making us feel at home during our time in Slovenia. Their dedication to providing a memorable experience was evident in every interaction, and their efforts enhanced the overall trip.


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