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Napoli: The city of the thousand colors and a single Legend

Asteras Vyrona football academy had the opportunity to live the experience of visiting the city that beats for the city’s soccer club S.S.C. Napoli. Wandering around the city center it gets easily obvious that the Napoli fans are not joking.

Every house, building and balcony has a flag of the team, an official jersey or even blue and white strips that create a magical scenery. In addition to the old buildings in the city center and the fabulous gulf views from the Posillipo Hill, Napoli is a city full of life.

The kids of Asteras had also the chance to visit the unique Pompeii Sights and learn the history of the area, while walking around the most preserved ancient city on earth. Observing the well preserved building, statues and even animals and bodies, gives you the feeling that you have traveled in time.

The team had three friendly matches with experienced academies and competed at international level, with players that were scouted to get added in the first team of S.S.C. Napoli.

When in Napoli, you cannot miss the heart of Napolitanian football, the “Diego Armando Maradona Stadium”. Dressed in blue and white, the stadium is the “temple” of all Napolitans. Lastly, the delegation of Asteras Virona had the opportunity to visit the Diego Armando Maradona Museum and admire all the jerseys of Maradona in his football career and learn his story.

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