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Running Events – 2023

At OLI Sports Tourism we value running events and admire all those athletes, that have engaged into sports through it.

Through our cooperation with our trusted partner ALL ABOUT RUNNING, we have opened a new chapter in our portfolio, with running events for all ages and levels.

Our annual calendar of events from which to chose from, we offer races in almost every part of the country, to enjoy and experience the magic of the countryside.Our aim is to help athletes see new, rare, beautiful places, through various events in Greece, well kept secrets among the running communities locally.

Get in touch with us and learn all about our events, ask for a quote about travelling to major running events across the globe with OLI.

OLI Sports Tourism, with its extensive experience and deep knowledge of sports tourism and event management, is committed to providing top-notch services to its customers, leaving them with unforgettable experiences.


At OLI we are ready to plan your next sport event or trip and help make it as successful as possible. 

Did you know that Squaball is a new sport born in Greece that combines the use of wooden rackets with goals? Check this out here

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