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Company Team Building

Corporate events focused on team bonding and re-enforcing the company spirit, are often extraordinarily rewarding and successful. At OLI Sports Tourism we know how to make the process as easy as possible. Whether booking, scheduling, and managing attendees, or even selecting the right venue, our team of experts handles everything easily, quickly and affordably. 

Triton Asset Management, is a company that barely stepped out of the office, since the business of the company is primarily behind financial spreadsheets and PC’s. The need to make an afternoon fun and worry-free, as well as help colleagues bond, away from the stress of everyday routine, was eminent. An event was carefully set in a safe environment, with attention to bringing teams together, but most importantly with the element of surprise, to bring all in one and cultivate team unity.

After chatting with management we came to the conclusion that the company, already heavily affected by the pandemic and with little opportunity to mingle out of the office (given the limited free time available), had to get together in a playful afternoon, accompanied with music, food and drinks.

Having a relaxed setting the team really came together, enjoyed a different way of spending time with colleagues and in the end curved a new way to cooperate for the common good.

At OLI Sports Tourism, we have a sharp eye for detail, which is why we offer deeply customized services and a consultative approach to create your perfect experience.

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