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Squaball 2022

As an emerging sport and a fresh idea in leisure sports, Squaball has been one of OLI’s favourite projects. As a proud partner we have organised more than 10 tournaments and promotional events for the sport, with over 1000 contestants of all ages and gender.

SQUABALL is a new racket sport born in Greece. It can be played by two or four players, in both indoor and outdoor surfaces


Whether at the beach, tennis courts, turf, or natural grass, this racket sport has already made many friends and close followers.

Squaball can played in alternative surfaces and be equally enjoyable.

Seeing trends before they start

Success needs hard work.  A new sport needs to be planted in the mindsets of people before being accepted. Carefully build the character and image of your product, work hard on delivering the right mix, to achieve greatness. At OLI we carefully planned and executed the Squaball events calendar for summer 2022, helping the sport reach new audiences, target groups, and get exposed to different environments.

Play, Compete, Exercise 

Focused more in open air spaces and mainly played in good weather, competitively, the sport is quite a workout. Squaball has also made its way to other countries and is being promoted globally.

What we do at OLI

Our aim is to help the founders promote and develop this exciting sport, draft a yearly plan in order to host events, enter health and sports clubs, organize tournaments among racket enthusiasts, and slowly create an international community of “Squabers” in the years to come.

Want to find out more about Squaball?

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