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UEFA Futsal Champions League 2022


OLI Sports Tourism successfully hosted another UEFA Futsal Champions League Tournament, this August in Athens.

We feel honored to be part of the futsal development that is taking place in Greece in the past few years, and these events have become an absolute necessity in this evolutionary process.

Having hosted the tournament and UEFA matches over the past 4 seasons, OLI has worked closely with UEFA, tournament and referee delegates, various partners, and athletes. The complexity of hosting a tournament with all the different parameters that each athlete and team set, is what makes our service unique.




By building such a project months ahead of time, solving all those little details that most don’t even see, and making sure all issues are resolved, is why the end consumer enjoys a safe and sound spectacle. UEFA protocols, hospitality, transportation, trainings and matches, and all other needs were met to perfection, in order to let teams perform their best on the court.

A big thank you to Doukas Futsal for their ongoing trust, HFF for their continuous support, and the Municipality of Korydallos for their generous commitment in the 2-month long preparation process. To all our partners and staff, thank you for proving to us why we keep on trusting you for the professional quality services renderred.



Our aim is to help people enjoy their sport, appreciate the visit, and go back home happy and fulfilled. It is not always about winning, it is the experiences that fill our memory board, and the sense of completion.

We look forward to seeing futsal evolve even more and more UEFA and FIFA competitions in our country.


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