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Platon Basketball Team in Barcelona

Basketball is  a sport that traditionally travels to play internationally, especially in small ages! There is a misconception that there are no tournaments that can cover all levels for teams of all genders and categories. At OLI we scan the market to find the tournaments that are played every summer, in Europe and abroad, to make sure teams have the unique opportunity to live the experience of competing abroad.

Yet the experience that these tournaments offer are much more than a sports challenge. They are a hugely international camp where children of all ages make friends, share experiences and enjoy the sport they love most.
Platon BC travelled to Barcelona this past June 2022, to play in the EURO Basketball Youth Cup and played more than 4 matches against teams from France, Spain and the US.

How can I take my own team to play abroad?

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Basketball Tournament in Barcelona

Platon has set in place a terrific basketball program which aims to develop basketball players and balanced students. The team aims for good level tournaments and decided to travel to the EUro Basketball Youth Cup in Barcelona. Apart from the players, parents and friends of the team travelled along to watch the children compete. 

An overall schedule with great competition, combined with sightseeing of the city, made this another great OLI experience

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