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SQUABALL, the fun and safe sport

Newly introduced sports need all the promotion and support they can get. As they make their way into the sports world, the main focus is to quickly become recognisable and interesting to the common player and spectator. 

SQUABALL has managed to be one of those sports to combine fun and physical exercise, in a unique way. SQUABALL is a new sport born in Greece that combines the use of wooden rackets with goals.It can be played by two or four players, both indoors and outdoors.

OLI is the proud operator of SQUABALL’s events and promotional activities. Contact us for information about the events and activities around this unique sport.

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How can Squaball help you?

SQUABALL especially helps to improve concentration, mental agility and reflexes, due to the small court dimensions and the fast ball exchanges. It is an exciting way to develop many abilities while having fun.

Whether at the beach, tennis courts, turf, or natural grass, this racket sport has already made many friends and close followers.

  • Improve mental skills: Agility/Concentraton/Self control/Determination
  • Exercise Physical skills: Reflexes/Strenght/Coordination/Balance
  • Practice Social skills: Flexibility/Self confidence/Cooperation

What is it ideal for?

  • Sports Clubs and Associations
  •  Beach Clubs
  • Indoor and outdoor Sports Centers
  • Gyms 
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Trainers and coaches