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Destination: GREECE

You want to succeed, enjoy yourself with the right group of people who will work and train all the way. Be with people who have utmost dedication and will to win. The battle is won in training, and never lost until you’ve abandon your vision. But it is change of scenery and vision that motivates  physically, mentally, and most of all emotionally.  Many sports athletes never get the chance to experience a sports trip and feel the rush of playing abroad, while collect memories that last a lifetime.

“Give your team the chance to train and bond in unique conditions and they will go back with the outmost motivation and passion”


Step out of the box

Leaving your safe zone , travel to challenge yourself  and open up your horizons. Winners never quit and quitters never win. All sports teams need to take their game to another level, both physically and mentally. The unique experience of travelling with a team is most likely not going to be realised in adulthood. Young teams have the unique ability to travel and play, away from the pressure to be perfect and necessarily win, able to suck in all the knowledge and experience the international stage has to offer.

Combine culture and sports 

Success needs hard work.  You need to build your character and work hard on yourself and your game to achieve greatness. A trip abroad apart from team bonding, can also offer your boys and girls cultural knowledge and broaden their perspective on the world. While most children will stop team sports after adulthood, their mental preparation for real life will be crafted by experiences in their childhood. 

Travel to play and learn

A trip to Greece with Athens as your base will be fully organised in terms of trainings, games, physiotherapy, gym, and any extra needs. Successful teams do not just prepare for the body but also for mind and soul. They try to gain important learning lessons. Lessons that are capable of giving them insights for challenges. By including learning sessions from experts in all fields, visiting places to learn about the history, and understanding what lies beneath, your team will not only prepare their bodies but also their mental ability to react and resolve problems. 

Explore the city 

No matter the time of the year, there is always something to see and do. Surprise the group by adding a fun activity, check out tourist attractions or even visit an island for a day.

Do something extraordinary

A travelling group never stops learning. Make their dream come true and they will treasure it forever.