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Sports Travelling

Spring time marks the season when most sports teams travel abroad to tournaments and events. Oli proudly accompanies 2 basketball teams to Barcelona for the Euro Basketball Cup 2022. We will travel to Holland for U-13 football tournaments, Belgrade for basketball pre-season training, and Chicago IL for football scholarships. Tournaments and camps all over the world are re-introducing themselves in 2022, as we slowly return back to normal life. OLI filters the best ones for travelling groups and suggests the right fit for teams. These are always linked to major cities in order to provide a mix of sports and tourism, for a worthwhile trip.

Can I already plan for next season?

We love proactive people! The early bird always gets the worm! We can plan, budget, and organise everything in order to allow for you to align, collect funds, and plan with loads of time ahead of you. Let us know your aspirations and we will plan together, while stay in contact all though the year with more ideas that may suit your other teams or event needs.