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OLI is transcending into the new era, in a world that has drastically changed in the past 3 years, and in dire need of some more fun and  relax time. Our thirst for travel and play has become even bigger, as our young ones have stayed home WAY TOO lONG, and have been deprived the playing field for FAR TOO MUCH. Our new website is now on air and depicts a solid picture of who we are and what we do. More importantly it answers the key questions that people have, when it comes to travelling in groups. Our aim is to come closer to you and make sure we hear your needs, even if it is wishful thinking. Join us in all social media and visit our blog to hear all the exciting things we are planning, in the near future. 

Is it safe now? Can I go out mommy?

We are so much more wiser and safety prone now. The pandemic and all challenges faced during the past years, have made all tour operators very careful and customer friendly, therefore making experiences much better organised. The OLI experience has always been about taking care of the little details that differentiate a trip from being good to being memorable. It is safe now, go play!

  • Return to normal.
  • Manage your team, identify needs and priorities.
  • Evaluate the time/place/budget factors
  • Get in touch with OLI and lets get this going as early as possible

How can I budget this?

You don’t have to do anything other than determine what is important to you and your organisation. We will filter everything and set up an experience that will cover everything. Stay true to the overall result you want to achieve, and we will make sure everyone is happy in the end with the service.