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AZ Sport Scholarships and OLI Sports Tourism offer a lifetime experience for prospective student-athletes in football, through the Men’s and Women’s ID College Soccer Camp! Footballers aiming for a sports scholarship to US universities and beyond get a strong taste of the daily life of a student-athlete, as they have the opportunity to stay in state-of-the-art campus facilities, to train under the guidance of university team coaches, to participate in trainings and scrimmage games, and visit a major city in America!

This year the Future 500 ID Soccer Camp we selected is one of the most beautiful football cities in America. Chicago, IL and specifically the Olympic Park will host the groups of boys and girls that will participate in respective camps. Our company has successfully completed two missions so far! A group of experiences guides always accompanies the delegation and advises the prospective student-athletes on an 
unforgettable football journey!

Our footballers participate in games with other candidate student-athletes from England, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Poland etc. and compete under the watchful eye of dozens of college coaches participating in search for talents that will join their varsity teams in the seasons to come. During the visit, the members of the group have the opportunity to visit universities and the city, while get to know first hand what it takes to make it in the collegiate world! 

US colleges are always looking for talents and offer scholarships to selected athletes.

At OLI we are ready to plan your next sport event or trip and help make it as successful as possible. 

Did you know that Squaball is a new sport born in Greece that combines the use of wooden rackets with goals? Check this out here

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How can I learn more?

Visit:  https://azsportscholarships.com/events/future-500/ and fill out the form to get into contact and receive more details.